OPEN HOUSE Rosario, Argentina Studies Building

Building of Studies and Atelieres
The vertical extrusion of a small lot of 8 x 9 meters with north orientation defines the volume of the building. From an internal longitudinal division into two equal bays, seven units arranged in stacked levels are organized. The plant and the cut optimize their relationship and each bay moves half a level vertically to use the stairs breaks as access to the units. The character and size of the living spaces admits its use as a minimum dwelling or workplace, each one equipped with two large windows, one for access of diffused light from the medians and another for light and ventilation on the front. The outer skin consists of halved bricks, exposing the inner texture of the brick outward, revealing its internal composition. This gives the volume of an expressiveness of colors between orange, black and red, and a rough texture both strange and familiar. On the terrace the walls rise to define a space open to the sky where a garden terrace recovers the plant species that originally grew in this fragment of land.